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Green building practices aim to reduce the environmental impact of buildings, so the very first rule is: the greenest building is the building that doesn't get built!

Nylund Homes, Inc. strives to offer affordable home ownership options while maintaining high standards competitive with today's market. We find great satisfaction in reclaiming neglected, abandoned properties and restoring them using energy efficient materials such as Energy Star appliances & windows. After various upgrades are completed the homes are inspected and deemed built to today's standards.

Our team works to restore value in local neighborhoods. This is accomplished by electing to renew property versus bull-dozing aged houses. Times are tight and bank foreclosures are at an all-time high. We purchase these homes and return them to the marketplace while also providing construction jobs and supporting local building suppliers.

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We are a licensed general contractor with more than 25 years experience in construction, remodeling and property management. In 1993 Rod Nylund began his business as a Contractor building custom real estate. Ten years later, he was ready for a change. Foreclosures in Clark County were soaring in number and Rod was drawn to the challenges facing neglected homes. Today, Nylund Homes buys, sells and rents property in Vancouver, Battle Ground, Woodland, Longview and other surrounding areas of Clark and Cowlitz counties.

The majority of the homes Nylund Homes Inc. offers for sale are distressed properties that have gone through the foreclosure process. Nylund also purchases property directly from home-owners, banks or through foreclosure auctions.

Foreclosure is a process in which the lender attempts to recover the amount owed on a certain property. In order for a home to go into foreclosure, the borrower must cease to pay the mortgage payments. The lender will then attempt to collect the dept by filing a Notice of Default. At this step in the Foreclosure process there are three possibilities. The owner may attempt to reinstate the property to pay off the debt. The owner may also sell the property to a third party to pay off the loan. This is also called a short sale, due to the fact that the sale must be completed before the property goes to auction. This solution also erases the possibility of the owner having a foreclosure show on their credit history. And the last possibility; the home goes to foreclosure and is sold at a public auction. If no interested parties bid on the home at the foreclosure auction, the home is reverted to the bank.

Foreclosure homes are sold as-is and most often are found in neglected condition. The foreclosure homes almost always require many 1,000s of dollars worth of renovations to renew or replace paint, flooring, siding, windows, electrical, plumbing and more. The bank does not offer any warranty's or guarantees and returns are not considered.

Besides that, information surrounding a properties deed are sketchy and a buyer must proceed with caution. It is not unheard of for inexperienced buyers to purchase a deed, only to find they are owners of the second mortgage, subject to the first mortgage also. Detailed information can be found on at Wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_mortgage.

Streamlining the process of buying distressed properties has allowed Nylund Homes to keep ahead of their competition.

Yes, of course. Nylund Homes (and their realtors) will be happy to work with your realtor. Find contact information here.

Every home and each situation is different. Nylund Homes (or their sub-contractors) will almost always guarantee their work. If a home buyer wants additional assurance, Nylund Homes can provide peace of mind through American Home Shield.

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This information is based on the laws and regulations of Foreclosures in Clark County, Washington and Cowlitz County, Washington. Please do not rely on this information as we are not responsible for any losses you incur. This information is supplied as a courtesy only. We recommend you contact an Attorney before bidding on any Foreclosure Auctions.

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